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As you may have noticed, a couple of platforms are leveraging the latest technology to develop digital payment solutions. These platforms are looking to replace traditional services and improve on their inadequacies. However, one of the biggest obstacles to effectively achieving this is implementing stability, a stronghold for traditional financial services. Technically, it is also why most people are adamant about shifting to new payment systems. is a UK-founded company that steps in as a bridge between the new and the old financial technology to attract users to the digital payment system. Its two main features; are an app and a smart card; Curve card allows users to manage their bank accounts in one place. How? You may ask. You can load curve cards on your mobile application to connect with existing credit and debit cards. The platform is our focus for this article, whereby we will dive deep into what it is and how it works. Let’s get into it: Explained has been around since 2015, registered under the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA), and follows its guidelines. Users can easily consolidate their bank cards into one mobile device through its app. It also allows users to receive cashback in Bitcoin(BTC) and fiat.

How Works

Do you already like the idea of Curve but need to figure out how it works? Often, people assume that Curve is just another bank card. It’s not. Instead, it improves how you spend, save, and manage your money by connecting and supercharging the cards you already have.

After downloading the Curve app, you can fill your digital Curve wallet with various cards. You can also add debit cards, loyalty cards, and credit cards, all of which will be in one place. will link all your cards to your physical Curve card so that you can spend and withdraw from any account with just one card.

After you’ve loaded your cards into your Curve Wallet, you can easily pay with your card in the app or by using your physical card. You can also start using Curve by simply swapping your smartwatch or phone.

Even if your credit or bank card doesn’t support certain devices, such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Google, your Curve wallet will work seamlessly with these devices. Having your cards in one place makes it easier to pay and keeps your wallet lighter. It also provides you with a new world of security and insight into your finances.

Notably, does not have an arrangement with the bank card issuer. The relationship between the user and the card issuer remains the same. Key Features has developed some features that allow it to become a one-stop banking solution. Here are its key features:

Curve Flex

With Curve Flex, you can easily control your cash flow. It works such that you can make monthly payments by splitting your past year’s transactions.

You can get a refund immediately and pay it back at your own pace after 30 days, over 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. With a 14.8% APR representative, you pay back less than a typical credit card.

Curve Cash Rewards Program

Through a cashback program offered by, users can get a 3% cashback on their purchases. That is higher than Visa’s offer of 1.5%. Also, unlike other payment methods, it offers 3% cashback in Bitcoin on eligible purchases. Users can interact with the cryptocurrency space through the BTC offered in cashback.

You can get even more cashback by upgrading your Curve experience. With Curve Black, you’ll get 1% cash back at three retailers. On the other hand, with Curve Metal, you’ll get 1% cash back at six retailers. However, your subscription should be active for both.

Instead of going to the store where you usually shop, choose retailers where you can spend the most money. For instance, you might go to McDonald’s once a week and spend around ten dollars. But if you’re planning on buying an Apple Mac laptop, you’ll earn more cashback by spending the amount in one transaction compared to a year’s worth of McDonald’s.

Loyalty Cards

You can add loyalty cards to your accounts through the Curve app, similar to a bank card. You can use these cards to make easier purchases.

“Go Back in Time” 

To err is humans. Sometimes, you may find yourself paying on the wrong card. With Curve, you can Go Back in Time to switch the card. You can do this up to 30 days after the payment is made. 

In addition, you can switch past payments from one credit card to another if you need free funds in your current account.

Anti-Embarrassment Mode

Imagine paying for a nice meal with your family, and your card gets declined. Embarrassing right? With Anti-embarrassment mode, you can stop declining credit cards in their tracks. Curve automatically accesses backup cards you can set up earlier to make the payments.

Free ATM Withdrawals Abroad

The Curve card allows users to withdraw up to 200 Euros a month from an ATM in other countries without a fee. It also has a feature that allows users to get a limit of 500 Euros for free interbank transactions. After that, it charges a 2% fee.

Insurance Services

Although the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not cover Curve, it provides its customers with cover for up to £100K in trades.

Countries and Cryptocurrencies Supports is currently available in 31 European Economic Area countries. These include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. does not require users to open a banking account, unlike most banks. Instead, it offers a variety of banking solutions, such as its trading account. It does not have a currency to choose from and supports Visa and Mastercard bank cards through its app.

Currently, the platform supports bank cards in various currencies, such as RUB, AUD, BGN, CZK, GBP, DKK, HRK, HUF, NOK, BRL, CAD, ILS, ISK, PLN, RON, SGD, INR,  EUR, USD, CNY, JPY, HKD, NZD, SEK, ZAR, CHF, SGD. 

Users are charged in GBP if they choose to trade with other currencies. It also allows users to change their preferred currency. However, foreign exchange fees may apply. It does not support top-up funds, as it does not have a bank account to hold them and instead leverages the underlying cards.

Should Spending Limits be a Concern?

Curve’s spending limits are based on a user’s day, month, and year spending habits. They are high enough to cater to most users, but they could be restricted if a user plans on buying expensive items.

The spending limits on various platforms are as follows: 200 Euros withdrawal daily, 2,000 Euros spending limit daily, and 10,000 Euros withdrawal limit in 365 days.

The platform warns that new users might not meet the spending limit due to their spending history. That is because they might increase the limit based on their spending. There is a standard limit for the Blue card, while the Black and Metal card users might have much higher limits, as detailed in their mobile app.

Which is the Right Curve Card for You?

We have already covered the part where you need a physical Curve card for your transactions. But how do you choose the right one for you?

Curve is free to apply and operate and has a delivery fee of £4.99. With this card, you can link up to 2 bank cards and go back in time only three times monthly. It also offers free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £200 and fee-free FX up to £1000/month.

You will also get set 1 smart rule and GBiT up to 30 days. 

Curve X

Curve X has a monthly fee of £4.99, with free delivery for the physical card. With the card, you can go back in time as often as you want and set up to 5 smart rules. It also offers free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £200, fee-free FX up to £2000/month, and GBiT up to 60 days. In addition, you can link up to 5 cards.

Curve Black

Curve Black is charged £9.99 monthly, with a free delivery fee. With the card, you can go back in time as often as you want and set up unlimited smart rules. It also offers free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £400, unlimited fee-free FX, and GBiT for up to 90 days. In addition, you can link an unlimited amount of cards. There is also a 1% cashback on three retailers, and travel insurance is also covered.

Curve Metal

Curve Metal is charged £14.99 monthly, with a free delivery fee. With the card, you can go back in time as often as you want and set up unlimited smart rules. It also offers free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £600, unlimited fee-free FX, and GBiT up to 1200 days. In addition, you can link an unlimited amount of cards. There is also a 1% cashback on six retailers.

Users can also access travel insurance, phone insurance, car collision waiver insurance, and £20 airport lounge access worldwide.

Is Safe? is considered one of the most secure payment solutions because it does not keep funds online. That ensures that the funds are kept safe and intact from cyber attackers. It also doesn’t store the card details in its applications; it stores them in an encrypted format and does not share information with retailers.

Through its subsidiary, Wireless Card Solutions Ltd., Curve card provides various e-money services to complete transactions. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK also regulates it. That makes it easier for the authorities to intervene in case of issues related to the card. has to follow strict regulations such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Payment Industry Data Protection Standards. It also regularly conducts third-party audits to ensure its systems are safe for its customers.

Final Thoughts

If you have a couple of credit cards and are happy with your current bank and credit cards, then is a good option. It can help you keep track of all of your purchases in one place, and it can also reduce the number of cards that you carry around. However, it’s important to note that you should always have at least one backup plan.

Unfortunately, the card won’t save you money or provide many rewards. You should also note some risks associated with using it, such as the lack of Section 75 protection. It’s also possible to get better perks with other cards, such as those from Amex.

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