Streamflow Brings Its Innovative Payment Streams to Aptos Mainnet

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Solana’s token distribution platform, Streamflow, has debuted on the Aptos blockchain. The platform offers recurring payment streams, which can be utilised for token vesting and employee payroll by enabling real-time value transfer. Streamflow’s software development kit also allows projects in the DeFi, gaming, NFT, and other industries to enable programmatic value transfers.

Aptos like Solana seem to be conducive environments for Streamflow

In November 2021, Streamflow had its Solana mainnet debut. Since then, it has accrued token vesting contracts with a total value locked (TVL) of at least $1 billion. Like Solana, the Aptos blockchain offers a perfect setting for processing payments without interruption.

A low-latency network called Aptos has techniques for enabling speed at scale and an on-chain reputation system (for validator nodes). “Our goal is to provide billions of people with equitable access to decentralised assets… We think that for the user experience to be widely adopted (especially by non-crypto natives), there needs to be a significant improvement in safety and scalability. Avery Ching, a co-founder of Aptos, said.

Aptos is doing well.

The decentralised app (dApp) platform, Aptos, recently raised $150 million in Series A funding and has been steadily onboarding developers and new projects. The platform currently has over 200 dApps and is home to various projects, with Streamflow being the latest addition. As a cross-chain platform, Streamflow can now offer token vesting services and payroll to Aptos-native users and projects. Streamflow’s CEO, Mališa Stanojević, commented on the company’s decision to expand to Aptos, stating their belief in the potential for performant L1 blockchains like Aptos and Sui, built with Move, to see broader adoption in the future. Stanojević also emphasised Streamflow’s desire to support these growing ecosystems, even during bear markets.

The next payment process

It is expected that decentralised payroll services will become increasingly important as the shift to remote work becomes more prevalent globally. This is due to employees’ need for greater flexibility, with 54% reportedly considering leaving their jobs post-COVID-19. Real-time payments, such as those offered by Streamflow, could serve as a powerful incentive and retention tool. Decentralised payroll services will play a significant role in the future of work. The current banking system, according to Stanojevi, cannot accommodate continuous payments, but high throughput blockchain technology, such as Streamflow, can. Organisations can transmit money quickly and safely thanks to Streamflow. It is a pioneer on Solana, and its introduction to Aptos signals the development of a new L1 ecosystem.

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