What is the ideal amount of Bitcoins an individual should have?

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Asking about the ideal amount of Bitcoin a person can have is like asking how much money a person can own. The amount to spend on Bitcoin highly resonates with the amount that an individual is willing to invest. Although some platforms can limit a Bitcoin buyer’s amount to spend in a single transaction, the specific amount or period depends on the platform.

Bitcoin brokers and exchanges tend to place limits on traders in relation to a number of factors. For instance, the type of account one has on the platform or the number of transactions made by the account can contribute to limits on some platforms. Large exchanges with a lot of liquidity do not place any trading limit they only regulate on the monthly deposits and withdrawals of an individual.

Trading Bulky Bitcoins

Contacting investors directly and buying Bitcoin from them can help an investor to purchase without limits. Platforms impose limits on the users in order to mediate trading. The only limit that can hinder an investor is the theoretical limit of 21 million Bitcoins available in the world. Currently, miners have reached 18.7 million Bitcoin and the current estimates show that the last Bitcoin mining will be around 2140 at the current rate of one BTC per 10 minutes.

Investment in cryptocurrency has no limits. There are different and multiple decentralized digital currencies in the world in investors can put their money. Bitcoin (BTC) stands to be the most popular in the market. The current market cap for Bitcoin is at $1.15 trillion. It has increased gradually since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. The value of Bitcoin depends on many factors in the market.

Before making a decision in investing in Bitcoin, it is crucial to understand that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Currently, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency available in the market.

Who has amassed the largest number of Bitcoins?

With the 18.7 million currently mined, most financial analysts indicate that 4 million Bitcoin cannot be tracked. The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto has the highest number of Bitcoins. The estimates indicate that he currently owns more than 1.1 million Bitcoins which translates to about $16.5 billion using the current market value of $16,550 per Bitcoin. The price is subject to change since Bitcoin is highly volatile.

It is simple to trace the Bitcoin owners through using the addresses available in the Bitcoins circulating in the market. Presently, only three different Bitcoin addresses have more than 100,000 BTC. As of today 83 addresses possess Bitcoin ranging from 10,000-100,000 BTC. About 14% of the entire Bitcoin that is in circulation belong to the 87 wealthiest addresses.

How many Bitcoins makes one a billionaire?

At the current trading rate of $16,550 per BTC, 60,400 BTC makes an individual a billionaire. High volatility levels of Bitcoin make it hard to value in most instances but any sharp rise leads to greater wealth.  Therefore, the number of Bitcoins required to make a person a billionaire will fluctuate depending on the market price.

Is Bitcoin a commendable investment?

Making Bitcoin as one of the major investment portfolios can highly affect the long-term returns. Timing is the most important aspect if one wants to make profits. A report by CFA institute Research Foundation indicated that between January 2014 and September 2020, portfolios with Bitcoin showed an improvement. The portfolios had only a 2.5% Bitcoin allocation but the returns were 24% more than the portfolios without Bitcoin.

However, the high volatility level of Bitcoin affects the outcome. An investor must know the time to invest in Bitcoin. The early adopters have a higher advantage compared to those coming late into the investment. If one was to invest the same amount in 2014 in late 2020 then the impact could be very low.

How much Bitcoin do investors need in their portfolios?

Experts indicate that an investor’s portfolio requires the inclusion of about 5% of Bitcoins. According to Hashdex’s head of global expansion, Bruno Ramos, 5% is enough to make a huge difference. The amount is little enough to ensure the investor is comfortable during high volatility and enough to make huge profits when prices skyrocket.  

Other financial advisors such as Aaron Samsonoff, InverstDEFY chief strategist indicate that one can allocate up to 20% of Bitcoin in their portfolio. The strategy seems very ambitious since it may lead to disasters on the part of the investor when there is high volatility. It is important to note that the amount investors allocate to Bitcoin in their portfolio highly depends on the level of risk tolerance.

How much is enough?

According to Ric Elderman, in the book “The Truth About Crypto,” the author indicates that very small allocations are enough to make a difference. Investors must be aware that cryptocurrencies can fall to a low of zero, which may harm their finances. Therefore, enough becomes enough depending on the risk tolerance of an investor. Adding Bitcoin to the investment portfolio is a clever idea because it comes with long-time gains.

Good crypto portfolio

Maintaining a good crypto portfolio comes with high returns. Just like any investment portfolio, a crypto portfolio needs diversification that matches the risk tolerance level of the investor. Proper research is vital to know the right amount to invest. It is important for investors to understand how Bitcoin operates before making an investment.


Bitcoin is one of the most highly traded cryptocurrencies in the world and any serious investor must adopt it in their investment portfolio. Buying Bitcoins should be made through an informed decision because of the high volatility level of crypto. Although there is no limit to the number of Bitcoin one should own, it is paramount for investors to be less greedy to avoid losing much.

Proper Bitcoin investment needs to be between 5% and 30% of the total investment portfolio. In this case, 5% is the safest while 30% is the riskiest. As indicated earlier, the risk tolerance level of the investor is the main determinant. Therefore, it is important for investors to buy Bitcoin with the money they can afford to lose.

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