Big purchases recorded on OnePlanet NFT in the last 24 hrs

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The last 24 hours have seen big purchases on OnePlanet NFT. Buyers and sellers have maximized their time to get the collections of their choice. OnePlanet NFT provides an NFT marketplace that enables strong cohesion between creators and communities. The platform plays homage to big NFT sales in the industry.

Some of the most significant purchases in the last 24 hours are arranged in terms of collections. 

Derby Stars collection on OnePlanet NFT

Some NFTs from the Derby Stars collection featured among the top purchases as collectors look for the best horse in the OnePlanet NFT market

The Derby Stars horse racing game enables players to breed, grow, build and make trades in the metaverse. Its incorporation in the Polygon mainnet is set to allow players to control their horses right from breeding, raising, training, racing, and collecting. The metaverse game will lead to the maximization of NFT value due to its high-quality graphics. 

Source: Derby Stars Horse #7316

Horse #7316

The horse went for 300 USDC


The origin feature for the horse is true, with the horse exhibiting 100% of the trait. The horse has an 8.06% rarity trait. It has a 0.47% trait of paint shower with 5.72% of eyes with an oval pupil. Its afro is at 5.09%. Legs have 92.61% of ordinary hoof and a 2.07% ascension spell. The horse’s rein has a 99.02% plain rail, while its tail has a 10.13% of twintale style.

Horse: #8486

Price 174.9 MATIC


The origin of the horse is 100% true, whereby its rarity comprises 81.47% common traits. Its torso is at 4.20% puffy cloud, the eyes are amber with 12.87%, and Mane comprises 8.98% of a braided knot. The legs of the horse are 92.61% of the ordinary hoof, the muzzle is 2.22% of neat scars, its rein comprises 99.02% plain rain, and the tail contains 5.96% of the seahorse style.


The horse’s speed is 52/100, its stamina is 50/100, and power is 80/100, with grit of 32/100 and intellect of 36/100. 


Description of HellHound collection

HellHound brings a new taste into the community through its levels of mischief and naughtiness. They are outcasts like HellCats and get different flavors to the NFT market. The HellHound collection has 5,000 NFTs, pushing to become a formidable force by advancing web3 brands.

HellHound #1973

Sold at 240 MATIC


The background is purple at 11.49%, its fur is 1.83% holographic, and the clothes are 2.86% WAGMI Tee. Its mouth is 3.07% stubble, its eyes are 3.47 white out, and the hat is 2.44% Mohawk.

HellHound #2508

Sold at 600 MATIC


The background consists of 11.49% trait of purple, and its fur is 4.22 % of shepherd, with clothes of 1.69% ripped denim. Its mouth is 3.07% stubble with eyes 4.97% multi-colored and the hat of 4.48% cattle tag. 


Source: OnePlanet NFT

Sold for 120 USDC


The race of iceman is 7.96% avian with 14.80% military class, having a residential status of 0.40% top wing. Its quadrant is 100% polygon, the generation of 100% first generation, and its identity number of #1288. 

Mono MK1

Mono MK1group is the new development from S&K in the hunter technology. The droids operate perfectly in assignments that require carefulness. Mono features enable the droid to think strategically and bring a new twist to the bureau through its stealth traits. The Mono droids allow users to easily upgrade parts due to their levels of compatibility and customizable.  

Source: OnePlanet NFT

Mono MK1 #0012

Sold for 230 WMATIC


The hairstyle is 0.71% pink Mohawk, and its eyes are 18.73% IH black series with an outfit of 0.35% pink/pink wrap. The headgear is 0.71% blue/grey full spectrum set, its skin mode is 18.73% BAMF 1.0, the backdrop is 2.83% blue with a model type modified at 14.84%, and its personality is 19.08% charmer.

Mono MK1 #0012 has mechanical reliability of 20/25 at a 96.11%. Its energy efficiency is at 20 of 25 with 100% trait exhibition. Its intelligence level is at 20/25 with 96.11% trait. 


HellCats collection consists of 2,500 NFTs created in the Polygon blockchain. HellCats enable The Clubhouse to collaborate beyond the digital world. The Troublemakers are creating new boundaries of web3 to bring changes in pop culture and media.

HellCat #1298

Sold at 400 Wmatic


The background of the NFT is 9.84% pink, and its fur is 4.76% tabby with clothes of 3.84% striped tee. The mouth of the droid is 2.80% smirk, its eyes are 5.88% angry, and its hat has a 3.88% earphone trait. 

HellCats dominated the market in the last 24 hours, whereby the HellCat #1120 was sold at 420 USDC

Properties of HellCat #1120

Its background has a 9.84% pink trait, whereas its fur is 4.76% tabby and its clothes have a 3.04% denim overalls trait. The cat’s mouth is a 4.64% trait of unimpressed, its eyes are a 1.96% white-out trait, and its hat has a 4.64% pierced ear trait. 

Trippy Wolves

The Trippy wolves’ collection consists of irresistible JPEGS that enable holders to escape reality and enjoy a Trippy Wolves.

Source: OnePlanet NFT 

Trippy Wolves #237

Sold for 280 matic


The Trippy Wolves #237 fur is 3.92% galaxy, and the eyes have a 3.33% trait of seeing starts with a background of 8.33% yellow trait. The wolf’s mouth is 4.68% relaxed and has a head of 4.10% trippy beret trait. 

Other significant purchases include:

Source: OnePlanet NFT

Unrevealed Troublemaker

Sold at 620 USDC


The troublemaker has the unrevealed feature of hidden at 18.64%.

The Unrevealed Troublemaker was traded twice in the last 24 hours. The first trade saw the buyer pay 610 USDC and later made a sale at 620 USDC, making a 10 USDC profit in just a few hours. 

Biggest sale

King Ahuitzotl

The biggest sale in the last 24 hours was King Ahuitzotl which went for 1100 USDC.

King Ahuitzotl is in the Polygon Citizen collection. Polygon Citizen is the first Polygon collection created by PS Labs. 

Source: OnePlanet NFT

Properties of King Ahuitzotl

In the race property, King Ahuitzotl has a 6.92% feline trait, with a class of 1.08% royalty trait. Its residential status is 1.56% of the divine council of Gaia trait, and its quadrant is at 100% polygon trait. The generation of King Ahuitzotl is at 100% first-generation trait with an identity number of 0610, which is 0.04% trait.

Final Thoughts 

OnePlanet NFT market enjoys a diverse set of customers that interact to get the most viable NFTs of choice. A closer look at the purchases in the last 24 hours indicates that most trades were below 100 USDC. Whereas a few transactions were above 500 USDC.

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