5 Best NFT Tracker Tools for Smart Investors

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With the emergence of new NFT trends every day, investors need help to keep track of the best NFTs to put their money on.

In a scenario where you are looking into investing in NFTs collections, you must do your due diligence on the trending NFTs to make intelligent investments.

Many investors might find it challenging because of the wide availability of NFTs in the market. If you are looking forward to making profits with your NFTs collections, you must collect the rare ones, which brings us to NFT rarity.

NFT Rarity Defined

In layman’s language, an NFT that is extremely rare turns out to be the most valuable. And that’s why people try to determine whether the NFT they plan on buying is rare. In other terms, the rarity of an NFT pushes its price higher.

While some investors go the old way and do manual tracking, we can all agree that it is incredibly time-consuming, and that’s where the NFT tracker tools come in.

What Are NFT Tracker Tools?

These are software programs that help investors keep track of the best NFTs in various NFT collections. When these tools are there, investors should not be worried about doing tedious calculations on the rarity score of various NFTs. With just a few clicks, you will get results generated at your fingertips.

One needs to conduct intensive research to reap some money from NFT investment. Finding the story behind a particular NFT is one of the crucial things to do. One may also put the following into consideration.

  •   Ensure you study the current price of the NFT you aim to invest in.
  •   Study the properties of that particular NFT to determine its rarity and generation process.
  •   Determine how many pieces of that particular NFT are currently in the market
  •   Do your analysis to determine the platform you can get the selected NFT

To make your research process fast, consider going through the information available on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord, as most NFT enthusiasts will usually be found there.

Now, let’s look at the five best NFT tracker tools you can choose to use.

  1. is among the most popular and prominent cryptocurrency websites. If you are keeping track of a particular NFT, this site can provide you with NFT statistics about the volume and price.

When determining which NFT collections to invest in and keep track of, you can sort by total assets, collection volume, sales, and floor price.

The tool also prepares you for future investments by listing upcoming NFT collections. Every NFT group on this site has a unique page; hence you can read about the detailed attributes of the NFT you plan on collecting.

  1. OpenSea

It is the most popular platform that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and track NFTs. Every NFT based on Polygon, Klaytn, and Ethereum blockchain is fully supported.

Reasons to consider using this platform include the following:

  •   OpenSea offers so much more apart from tracking tools
  •   It provides real-time analysis
  •   Several filter options are readily available

However, it might take you some time before getting used to the OpenSea interface

  1. BitDegree

Using BitDegree, you can quickly build your portfolio and track how your favorite NFTs are progressing. The site has 357 different collections of NFT from 3 protocols. The best feature of this tool is that one can make informed decisions at the required time with real-time tracking.

This tool is free of charge; anyone can create their tracking portfolio. With BitDegree, you can quickly determine the booming NFTs in the market since they usually analyze the best NFT collections.

  1. Moby

It’s highly effective for users looking to make fast investment decisions. Users can efficiently act on what happens to their investments and make quick decisions due to the shorter window periods.

Subscribing to the Moby Pro version allows you to perform better analysis and gain access to all data charts.

You can highly consider this tool because:

  •   It has both free and pro versions available
  •   It has the most uncomplicated interface that you can easily understand
  • Offers shorter window periods and accuracy within 60 minutes

However, Moby’s best features are only accessible to premium members, costing 0.1 ETH per month.

  1. NFT stats

At the end of our list is an easy-to-understand tool that offers several NFT analytics tools.

The main reasons to consider this tool are

  •   It’s free to use
  •   NFT stats offer simplified NFT tracking tools that produce insightful analysis.

Trending NFT collections can easily be filtered by rarity rankings or sales volume, and you can do this by filtering the most sold collections in the last 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days.

Final Words

In case you are planning to get into the NFT industry, it’s crucial to keep track of all emerging NFTs. With the abovementioned tools, you can always take advantage of the market’s most famous and trending NFTs.

Basing your analysis on these tools, you will be able to identify the best NFTs to put your money on and make fortunes.

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