Beginner’s Guide to Magic Eden

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What is Magic Eden?

The entry of Non-fungible tokens (NTF) into the crypto industry has created sophisticated marketplaces. Magic Eden is one of the marketplace and Launchpad for NFT. The marketplace came into the crypto world in September 2021 as a market competitor to OpenSea. The creation of Magic Eden was to facilitate the Solana ecosystem, but it is now supporting the Ethereum-based NFTs. The two platforms utilize the services of Magic Eden. Magic Eden attracts more than 22 million active users, with a transaction of more than 1.9 billion dollars. The marketplace also pays homage to more than 8000 collections of NFT. 

Launchpad feature by Magic Eden

Launchpad gives Magic Eden its uniqueness and ability to operate in the market. It is a minting platform that also applies as a vetting program. In addition, it approves only 3% of the total projects applied to the platform. The exercise is to improve the exposure of the projects, ensure secondary trading, and progress dedicated development support. 

Launchpad plays a significant role in enabling Magic Eden to realize a unified process for NFTs. It charges zero-rated listing fees and a 2% transaction fee compared to a 2.5% transaction fee charged by OpenSea, one of the largest marketplaces for NFTs. 

The work of Launchpad is to ensure creation and circulation of NFTs are easy and continuous. The platform requires few or no practical skills for the users since they are just required to upload their work files. Magic Eden handles the other processes of ensuring NFTs uploaded are in the desired manner. Launchpad creators ensured that they made work easy for artists to concentrate on their work other than focusing on Magic Eden activities. 

The uniqueness of Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the most user-friendly platform with fast processing speed, high-level security, and other aspects that make selling and buying easy. According to Magic Eden COO Zhuoxun Yin, the creators take time to ensure that the features added to the platform are both high-quality and straightforward. Yin said, “We aspire to be the first to do things. But that’s not just to create a headline and say we’re the first to do something. Innovation is still happening, and whoever will support new use cases will benefit.”

Inclusivity in creation 

The creators and management focus on the community’s needs other than only looking at the NFT market alone. The system comprises the community of creators, users, and collectors at the center of the NFT ecosystem. The management listens and responds to every participant’s needs to improve the system. 

Magic Eden Discord server, which has over 80,000 members, is a testament to the team’s community-centric. The Discord plays a significant role in the management of the marketplace. Anyone can be part of the community and join the conversation that improves the platform’s management. An enthusiastic individual can get a Magic Ticket NFT that helps them gain access to MagicDAO, enhancing interconnectivity. 

Other Important Features in Magic Eden

Popular collections 

Magic Eden’s Popular Collections feature enables users to be up-to-date on the projects that have gained traction. The feature lets collectors know more about the projects trending in the NFT space. Traders who want quick profits can benefit from the feature by focusing on the most popular NFTs. 

Upcoming Drops 

Every project that Magic Eden puts on the platform undergoes immense tracking and vetting. The same applies when the platform highlights upcoming events, thus saving the investors from conducting colossal research. The “Upcoming Drops” feature shows the user the number of new projects and provides a link that takes the user to the Twitter account containing the projects. 


The “Stats” sector enables the user to look at the specific items that might contribute to increasing the value of an NFT over time. Some attributes in the stats section include the current value of an NFT, the quantity available, and the relevant category. It enables traders to know the popular NFTs and those that will maintain their popularity in the future. 

Attributes Filter 

Attribute Filter enables the user to narrow the search to what they need. Specific attributes that include eye design, background, and clothes of the art can be included in the search. 


The importance of decentralization takes center stage in Magic Eden talks. Giving a voice to the users in a community is through ensuring proper responses to their feedback. Through official Discord, channel users can interact with like-minded people. 

Secondary market

Magic Eden focuses on ensuring that the platform benefits its users. They focus on both primary and secondary markets. When the company makes secondary sales, it rewards loyalties to the authors. The ability to resell makes it possible to improve the NFT ecosystem. 


The fees charged by Magic Eden are low when comparing them to their competitors. On listing, there is no fee charged. The transaction fee is 2%, while the royalty rates fluctuate from creator to creator. No offer fees are charged, and the minor offer is half the listing price. The user enjoys no additional charges that might result from listing or delisting. The platform is user-centric and currently the biggest on Solana, transacting over $200 million. One can easily download Magic Eden on mobile or use the desktop browser to access the services. 

Buying NFTs on Magic Eden

It is simple to buy on Magic Eden. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Search for Magic Eden’s official website and view the stats of available digital assets.
  2. Link to your crypto wallet: This applies by selecting the wallet option where a prompt to link a compatible wallet appears. 
  3. Look for an NFT collection: better to use the filter option to get better collections.
  4. Understanding the desired NFT: conduct a thorough research by looking at the details provided by Magic Eden. 
  5. Buying NFT chosen. Sure, of the NFT to purchase, click the “Buy Now” button or “Make an offer” where a buyer suggests a price lower than the listed. After that, one becomes an owner of the NFT. 

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